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The Workshop School is a new independent middle school in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. We are set to launch in Fall 2019.

Applications for admission are now available! You can learn more about our application process here.
Our first class of 6th graders will include up to 25 curious and creative students.   Each grade will include an intentionally diverse group of students and families from the near neighborhoods, including Prospect Heights, Crown Heights, Bedford Stuyvesant, and Park Slope.
We will accept a maximum of 25 students for each grade.  At scale, the school will include 6th, 7th, and 8th grades for a total of 75 students. As a small community school, we are looking for curious, creative, committed, and kind students and families.
The Workshop Project has a maker workshop on the first floor at YWCA Brooklyn.  This is a demonstration space that helps parents and families learn more about our work. In Summer 2019, we will open our official school space in Prospect Heights, near the Barclays Center.
We will accept applications from all students and families.  However, we will give priority for students from Crown Heights, Bedford Stuyvesant, Prospect Heights, and Park Slope.  Our goal is to develop a strong school community that helps strengthen our neighborhood communities, as well.
Each content class will include fewer than 13 students.  In small group classes, including learning electives and advisories, there will be as few as 5 students to encourage creativity, exploration, and honest communication. In each class, there will be 2 adult professionals for a real student : teacher ratio of 6:1.
For the 2019-2020 school year, full tuition will be set at $30,000.  However, first families (Early Admission) will receive a 20% discount for their early commitment to our school. We additionally commit to freezing your tuition for all 3 years. All families will pay tuition on a sliding scale according to their family income. Students will not be granted or denied admission based on socioeconomic status.
No, we are an independent school.  Charter schools are public schools authorized by the state.  They often include scripted state curriculum and the standardized state exams which we believe limits student learning and stunt student growth. As an independent school, we design our learning standards in connection with our families and community. The State Board of Regents requires that non-public schools meet certain academic requirements; however, independent schools are able to design truly innovative curriculum and programs.
No, The Workshop Independent School is a stand-alone, independent (or private) middle school.  However, we are connected with thought partners at The Innovative Schools Cooperative, a collection of innovative independent schools across the United States. There is a rising tide of innovative leaders working on very interesting and impactful projects across the country. It’s a very exciting time to be thinking about how we can design and develop new kinds of schools.
Many educators understand the important need for supportive socioemotional supports during middle school.  However, very few schools develop meaningful and substantial programs that truly advance socioemotional learning. Research explains that students are most successful when they feel safe to create, learn, and share.  The Workshop teaches socioemotional intelligence, including “consequential thinking” and “emotional literacy”, through daily practice in community meeting and advisory.  All students will also meet with his or her advisor and with a trained social worker at least one time each month. Socioemotional learning programs are developed in connection with 6 Seconds, Development Designs, and the Search Institute.
Advisory is an essential component of our work.  Early adolescents need important personal support from peers and adults.  In advisory, students learn to connect their concerns and feelings to the experiences and understandings of others.   Our advisory program will be grounded in principles developed by 6 Seconds, a leader in socioemotional learning.  6 Seconds explains that when students learn and understand themselves, they are also more likely to learn and understand others.
Our school includes a comprehensive high-school guidance program that will help students design and execute a targeted academic program. Our goal is to make sure that every student will matriculate to a high-performing, best-fit high school. This includes the challenging and rigorous instruction they need to learn hard skills and critical perspectives.  It also includes the engaging and interesting activities and projects that can help sustain their passion. What's the bottom line? We will focus guidance towards 4 priority schools that we develop and determine together. Our work together will make sure the student receives targeted support and instruction to address our priority schools' interests and qualifications.
This is the most exciting part!  Students are going to be working on really amazing projects with really great partner organizations.  STEM units will include boat building in partnership with Boatworks, hydroponic garden design and construction with New York Sun Works, and a mini-house unit in partnership with a local construction company.  Humanities units will include play production in partnership with Ping Chong and Company, a stop motion animated film in partnership with the Little Animation Studio, and a multiplatform research project in partnership with a local design and technology firm. In each unit, the student will learn specific content skills that track important standards and requirements.  For example, when students work on construction of a mini-house, they will learn important geometric concepts, including angles and ratios.  In addition, they will learn important science concepts, including electricity and climate change. All of our units are designs to engage students in hands-on learning that will help students acquire, retain, and transfer learning.
Our goal is to serve every student.  We believe that our model of education can be impactful and effective for every child.  Unfortunately, we will be limited in the services we can independently provide for students that require special services. We can work with parents and families to make sure that students receive funding mandated or support by the state.  We can also work with individual students to make sure that their Personal Learning Program includes necessary supports and structures.  However, our staff will not be able to provide specific supplemental services, including speech therapy or occupational therapy.
Yes, students will learn the hard skills that students also learn in peer middle schools.   Our teachers are recognized master teachers with extensive experience in area public schools, and our projects are designed to make sure students learn essential academic competencies in core content subjects, including English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. But here's the thing: students will actually learn much more than students at peer schools! Narrow academic standards limit student learning. In contrast, our curriculum is designed to deeply challenge and truly engage students.
As successful public school educators, we excel at preparing students for entrance and success at the City’s top high schools.  Our team includes teachers and leadership from some of the best city schools, including Salk Middle School, MS 51, Stuyvesant High School, Bard Early College High School, Millennium High School, and more. We believe the most important preparation for any exam begins with outstanding instruction and committed learning. Students will learn advanced academic skills in core content areas that support high academic achievement.
Absolutely.  We believe that students always need to connect learning to the real world.  All of our projects will be relevant to real world contexts.  This means that we'll regularly travel into the world to learn more about learning connections.   We’ll see museums.  Watch baseball games.  Explore Central Park. Test water in the Hudson River.  Hike the Bronx River Trail.  Bike Staten Island.  Oh - we'll also sail our finished sailboats up the coast.  Pretty cool!
Prospect Heights is a historical neighborhood in Brooklyn that represents a wonderful mix of new and historic Brooklyn.  In addition, Prospect Heights is close to several near neighborhoods that represent strikingly diverse cultural traditions. We believe that Prospect Heights gives us wonderful access to strong neighborhood and cultural organizations.  In addition, many of our school leaders and advisors live in or very close around Prospect Heights in Crown Heights, Bedford Stuyvesant, and Park Slope.

The Workshop Project is a non-profit organization that leads innovative School Break, June Camp, and Summer Camp programs for upper elementary and middle schools students.

We are currently accepting registration for June Camp and Summer Camp programs here.

Regular after school programming will begin at 4 pm and it will continue until 6 pm.
Yes!  We will host early arrival and late pickup.  Early arrival will begin at 3pm and late pickup will run until 6:00 pm.
Tuition for semester programs is $1000.  We also offer special discounts for early registration and sibling registration.
Yes!  Please contact for more information.
There will be a maximum of 10 students in each day's program.  We want to develop a close and intimate group where all campers will have opportunities to research, design, and build.
This Fall, students will design and engineer a tiny tiny house. The house is modeled on a real tiny house, which includes electricity and even IoT.
Students will have an enormous amount of fun.  Of course, they’ll also be developing real skills!   After-school will include 3 main pathways for learning and instruction: design thinking, academic skills, and woodworking.
Ping Chong + Company is a professional theater company in Lower Manhattan.  They develop and produce original performances that highlight important cultural and social issues, including discrimination, oppression, and prejudice.  Our program will be rooted in the PC+C Secret Histories curriculum.

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