Parents and families,

Learning is an amazing conversation, and we’re excited to be in conversation with you! Each week, we will add a new post to our blog to help forward discussion and understanding.  Please feel free to add your comments to our thinking, and we’re happy to talk more about these (and other) ideas.


#1: We’re The Workshop!

Andrew is the Founder and Director of The Workshop. The Workshop is a new independent middle | micro | maker school for diverse students and families in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Over the next few weeks, Andrew will introduce you to the school, the founding team, and many of the school’s core beliefs. Just below, he […]

#2: We’re a little bit different.

There is growing concern about the impact traditional education has on our children. In today’s post, Andrew explains that there’s a rising tide of educators around the country that are leading amazing new schools. The Workshop connects and collaborates with these schools towards best practice and common, shared values. There are amazing people in our […]

#3: The factory model of education.

Over the last 125 years, we have witnessed incredible social change. From the second industrial revolution and through both World Wars, including the Women’s Suffrage Movement and the Civil Rights era, and even a third (!) industrial revolution. Unfortunately, traditional school classrooms largely mirror instruction from early American public schools. That’s a problem. In 1907, […]

#4: What is progressive education?

Education jargon can be very confusing. There’s differentiation, authentic assessment, and any number of teacher terms. You’ve probably heard about progressive education before, but what does it really mean? Below, Andrew explains several core principles of progressive education and details why those values are central to The Workshop. Parents often feel frustrated in conventional schools. […]

#5: Middle | Micro | Maker

“The Workshop is a middle | micro | maker school for diverse students and families in Brooklyn, New York.” We say that a lot, but what does it mean, exactly? Below, Andrew describes the four key design elements of The Workshop. What are they? And why do they matter? I’ll admit: I’m a bit of […]