The Workshop School.
Middle.  Micro.  Maker.  Magnet.


The Workshop School is a progressive independent middle // micro // maker // magnet school for diverse children and families in North and Central Brooklyn.  We wonder: what would school look like if it didn’t look like school?

Why middle?

Middle school minds are creative and inspired!  And middle school education should promote passionate and engaged learning.  But too often, middle schools emphasize traditional instruction and narrow academic skills.  Exactly when schools need to be more innovative, more personal, and more responsive, they are more rigid, more exclusive, and less effective.

Why maker?

Research demonstrates that student engagement dramatically improves student learning and academic achievement. At the Workshop School, students design, engineer, and test real solutions to real problems.  Every single day.

Why magnet?

Every child deserves an amazing education.  Unfortunately, New York City schools are increasingly segregated.  We believe that our diverse community deserves a truly diverse school.  “Education,” John King writes, “remains the civil rights issue of our time.”

We believe that academic excellence is the consequence of outstanding character.  And we believe that outstanding character is inspired by a diverse, democratic, and dedicated community.

The Workshop School

It’s what every school should look like.