You are where you learn.

Traditional middle schools emphasize narrow academic content and skills.  However, adolescents don’t learn (or grow) in standardized sequence. Exactly when education should be more engaging, more innovative, and more responsive, middle school is more prescriptive, more rigid, and less effective.

What if middle school were different?

The Workshop is an innovative new middle school that specializes in early adolescent education.  Everything about our school is designed to meet the natural learning abilities of adolescents — and tailored to match individual students’ challenges and strengths.

Your child is interesting and unique. Middle school should be, too.

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There is something missing in our definition, vision of a human being. The need to make.  We are creatures who need to make.

Frank Bidard

What is the size of this universe? The size of this universe is whatever the size of your dreams!

Mehmet Muratildan

Curiosity is the engine of achievement.

Sir Ken Robinson

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